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Tanel Joost
Janno Joost

EQUA History & Mission Statement

EQUA was founded in 1995 by two brothers Tanel and Janno Joost. The company evolved from a small company with two employees into one of Estonia’s largest manufacturers of medical equipment delivering products to all around the world.

EQUA is dedicated to innovating and crafting ergonomic medical products, driven by a commitment to push the boundaries constraining technical and design solutions in the industry.

EQUA’s production is divided into three areas: medical products (medical furniture and appliances), physiotherapy equipment (massage & physiotherapy tables) and veterinary products (surgery & examination tables).

Business Ethics

EQUA’s reputation and credibility are our greatest assets, which determine our day-to-day behavior in relationships with our customers and suppliers. Uncompromising business ethics is an integral part of EQUA’s daily work. We consider this as an important aspect of our family business success story.

Yours sincerely,

Tanel Joost

General Manager

Equa meeskond on pühendunud ja suurte kogemustega tootmise valdkonnas.
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